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ESL and other Language Training

Seneca College - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The English Language Institute (ELI) at Seneca College is an intensive full-time ESL program designed for international students who want to improve their English language skills for personal, academic or professional reasons. The program's computer labs make extensive use of CAN-8 to enhance the language learning experience for hundreds of students every semester. CAN-8 adds hours of customized out-of class practice that helps ELI students improve essential language skills, including grammar and vocabulary development, in a safe, non-threatening, learner-centred environment. In class, CAN-8 is an effective support to ELI faculty in curriculum delivery, allowing professors to easily develop meaningful and relevant activities for students. The software is also invaluable for in and out of class assessments.

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Distance Learning

University College of the North (UCN) - Thompson, Manitoba, Canada

The University College of the North (UCN) in northern Manitoba uses CAN8 to deliver university-level Cree language courses to campuses in Thompson, The Pas and Regional Centres throughout northern Manitoba. Students enrol in the course from their local community and the instructor can teach and monitor from any location.

UCN is an institution devoted to community and northern development and reflects the Aboriginal reality and cultural diversity of the regions.

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Assessment and Testing

Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL) - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) Assessment is a standardized, high stakes English language proficiency test used for admission to post-secondary institutions. Increasingly, CAEL is also being used for accreditation with professional organizations. Our network of testing centres continues to grow both nationally and internationally, including several locations throughout Brazil and China.

The CAEL is a computer blended test, delivered using the CAN-8 software. The flexibility CAN-8 offers allows us to customize our tests, helps ensure the standardized delivery in any and all locales, and increases the efficiency with which our partners can invigilate CAEL. The professional, knowledgeable team at Sounds Virtual has worked with us to achieve the degree of specialization required to deliver a secure, high stakes test.

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Language Preservation

Akwesasne Economic Development Agency (AEDA) - Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

Karen Mitchell - Executive Director for Akwesasne Economic Development Agency (AEDA) says, "The Akwesasne Economic Development Agency also known as (AEDA) has expanded to become the first Aboriginal Multi-Media Language Learning Center in Ontario.

Since 2005, AEDA has been developing courseware using the CAN-8 VirtuaLab program. This wonderful tool is used to assist with language acquisition and language maintenance. It can also be very helpful in providing additional support to learners in the classroom.

Multiple languages can be input simultaneously on similar subject matters. This is very important for Haudenosaunee language learners because a learner can see and hear the modifications that occur from Mohawk, to Oneida, to Onondaga, to Cayuga and to Seneca.

AEDA's CAN-8 based curriculum includes stories, songs, speeches, our history and culture, and any other content imaginable. This is an excellent source of knowledge.

In Akwesasne, the program is being used in the local schools, government offices both on the Canadian and U.S side, in the library and in the comfort of people's homes.

The CAN-8 VirtuaLab is a great way to preserve our language and culture for future generations and it is an economicly-viable solution to preserve, protect, and revitalize First Nation's Languages. "

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Kawenni:io/Gaweni:yo Private School - Six Nations, Ontario, Canada

Donna Bomberry, Coordinator of the Language Preservation Project at the Kawenni:io / Gaweni:yo Private School, Six Nations, Ontario says, "In our community we use the CAN-8 VirtuaLab as a new tool in our endeavour to preserve our heritage languages. Our elder speakers are passing on and our language and cultural resources pass with them.

In the language lab, the students engage with their teachers and this has been a great aide to the language instructors and the students' learning. As well, teachers use the CAN-8 lab to assign homework. The students then use the lab from home. Parents and/or community members can engage in, and benefit from, language learning along with the students, after hours from their homes.

Currently, we are creating audio, video and text-based curriculum materials in CAN-8 in order to enhance the cultural component of the lab experience, for both school and home.

Since English is not taught here until the 7th grade, we acquired English language CAN-8 courseware from Seneca College in Toronto to help students keep up with the English curriculum expectations."

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