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   Sounds Virtual Inc.

Sounds Virtual Inc. is a global leader in the design of software tools for language training and assessment. Sounds Virtual Inc. is the developer of the network-based product sold as the CAN-8 VirtuaLab.™

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Sounds Virtual Inc. has revolutionized the language training industry by bringing to market the worlds first commercially viable all-digital network-based language training system.

Sounds Virtual was incorporated in 1993 when the first CAN-8™ language lab product was delivered to Seneca College in Toronto. The product was unique in that storage and communication was entirely digital and used a centralized server at a time when language training was based primarily on physical resources such as cassette tapes and CD-ROM disks.

For the first time, an immediate and real-time interaction between teachers and students, regardless of their location within the institution was possible. The students' work could be reviewed by the instructor at any time, and unlimited access to the entire library of training material was made available to students. The ease of which instructors could instantly create lessons marked the evolution of language training. The CAN-8 VirtuaLab™ combined flexibility, individualisation, creativity and personalized human interaction within the classroom and beyond its bounderies.

While the standard industry language laboratories focused their capabilities on the traditional format of using cassette tapes, CD-ROMs and eventually various forms of media-players, Sounds Virtual Inc. applied its knowledge of network-based training systems to fully exploit advancements in network speed improvements to deliver a complete learning managment system designed specifically with language training and assessment in mind.

Currently CAN-8 is used at over 200 educational institutions in more than 10 countries. Constant innovation and advancements as specified by instructors keep the CAN-8 VirtuaLab™ at the forefront of language education technology.

For over 20 years Sounds Virtual has applied its understanding of educational requirements to improve the language learning experience for students and teachers.