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CAN-8 Configuration Wizard

Depending on your site, there are many different configurations of CAN-8 that may be used. To provide a reasonable estimate of what a typical CAN-8 installation would cost you may answer the following questions about your site and a calculated budgetary estimate will be provided for you.

Although the estimate made for your site may be reasonable, it is advised to contact Sounds Virtual to discuss all the options available to you.

The complete estimate will be sent via email to you.

Contact Information:
First Name:
Last Name:
Institution Name:
Street Address:
Postal Code/Zip:

Configuration Questions:

Typical number of students per term/semester in your program who will use CAN-8:
How long is each term/semester in months:
If your site uses classroom/computer-lab instruction, how many students are in class concurrently:
What percentage of your students might access their CAN-8 lessons remotely:
You would rate your sites internet connection speed as:
How many languages do you anticipate teaching with CAN-8:
Our curriculum cannot be stored outside our site (secret or proprietary).
Please include cost for 3 days staff training

Sounds Virtual may contact me.